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We hope that this contact will be the beginning of an ongoing relationship, whether through the printed word, the internet, via cellphone, or by e‐mail. By contacting us you become part of a world‐wide community of people who seek daily help from God in the running of their lives and understanding the Christian faith. The printed form of Faith for Daily Living is read by people in eighty countries. Some are looking for help, others for guidance, yet others for comfort and some for instruction. God has touched many people through its ministry. He may well meet you as well.
Whatever your reason for this contact we say, "God bless you".

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Grow like Jesus – 24th January 2017

Lord, help me to grow more like Jesus. Let me live, not for my own benefit or glory, but for other people and for the glory of God. In place of my selfishness let the love of Jesus grow in my heart. Cure me of my desire for flashy things and worldly goods, comfort, ease and the desire for people’s praise and adulation. In Christ I ask it. AMEN

Forgive grudges – 23rd January 2017

Lord, forgive me for the grudges I have harboured and nursed. Forgive me for hanging on to hurts and for failing to see the emotional damage they have done to me as well as the bitterness they have caused to others. In your mercy Lord, heal my memories. Show me how to leave them behind and move on. I ask it in the name of Christ. AMEN

Worship with joy and thanksgiving – 22nd January 2017

Lord, help me today to worship you with joy and thanksgiving in my heart and to seek to meet with Jesus. Let the worship message come from the Bible and let it be some central truth. May it comfort the sad, guide the perplexed, direct those who are riding the crest of a wave, and be a means of healing. I ask it in the name of Christ. AMEN

Daily Devotion



“Let me hear joy and gladness”.

Psalm 51:8 NIV

Guilt makes you miserable. It distorts your thinking about everything. It causes depression, despair and negative thinking. It makes you angry and irritable. You become sarcastic and critical of just about everyone. It is difficult not to be aggressive towards everyone and to regard everyone as your enemy. You see everyone else as being in the wrong. You fear everyone. Your thoughts become warped. If you go to worship you don’t go to meet with God, you go to protect yourself from him.

This was the attitude in which David went to the temple whilst he was overwhelmed with guilt for his sin with Bathsheba. Yet even in his misery he was able to recall the sense of joy when he had previously joined in the songs with the rest of the worshipping community. Joining in with a large community as it sings for joy is a most uplifting experience. But when your soul is weighed down by guilt your senses are dimmed and you cannot feel the sense of rapture that others get caught up into.

Few things weigh more heavily on a human soul than the feeling of guilt. Cast your guilt aside by casting it onto Jesus Christ and receive his healing and liberating forgiveness. Then the elation of joy and gladness will flood into your heart as you worship and sing the great hymns of the Christian faith – “Praise my soul the King of Heaven”, “O for a thousand tongues to sing”, “What shall I do my God to love?” and many more.

Don’t waste your life in the doldrums of misery, depression and downheartedness. Let Christ lift you up to the mountain top of joy, gladness and hope.


Lord, let me live rejoicing and praising you.

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