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Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer book

Daily Prayer book

Full potential – 21st October 2016

Lord, I pray for those who have not fulfilled the early promise they showed or have never reached their full potential. Help them still to restore some sense of fulfilment and to find ways in which they can make their mark and be cherished for who they are. In Christ’s name. AMEN

Daily Prayer book

Christian role models – 20th October 2016

Lord I pray for those Christian believers who have become role models and examples to other disciples. I thank you for them and for the help they have given me on my faith journey. Enable them to remain humble and to be beacons of hope and pillars of faith. In Christ’s name. AMEN.

Daily Prayer book

Honour and glory – 19th October 2016

Lord, help me to live to your honour and glory. On my own I want honour and glory for myself. I like to be the centre of attention and to receive praise and recognition beyond what I deserve. Help me to make less of myself and more of you. Fill me with humility. Through Christ I ask. AMEN

Daily Devotion


Branching out

“Jesus left that place and went to the vicinity of Tyre”.

Mk 7:24 NIV

To visit Israel is a fascinating experience for a Christian. At first it is strange to find that it is not a Christian country at all. But the sites associated with Jesus’ life and ministry are carefully preserved as Christian tourists are a source of income for the locals. Just where did Jesus go?

Up till this point in Mark’s story of Jesus, he has been in and around the area surrounding the Sea of Galilee. The city of Tyre was a fair distance away – but it was not part of Israel. It was a seaport on the Mediterranean coast, some forty miles north-west of Capernaum. It was in Phoenicia, a district of Syria. It survives today as a small town called Sur in Lebanon. Possibly in order to get some respite from the thronging crowds, Jesus made his way to this outpost on the coast. The significance is that it was Gentile, and not Jewish, territory. By the time Mark wrote his gospel, some three decades after Christ, the Christian church was already well spread in Asia Minor and Europe with a huge majority of Gentile members. But the process of admitting Gentiles into the church was dogged by controversy. Paul had spearheaded this rapid spread of Christ’s church. And Mark was one of Paul’s travelling companions! So in fact what Mark was saying was, “Don’t think that Paul is doing something that Jesus would not do by admitting Gentiles. Jesus himself went to Gentiles carrying the love, mercy and peace of God to them”.

Christianity can never be merely a little closed shop. The mind of Jesus Christ was, “Out to the Gentiles”. It still is – whoever the Gentiles might be.

Prayer thought

Lord, give me a global vision of your mission in the world.

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