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Daily Prayer book

Daily Prayer book

Inadequate school facilities – 6th May 2016

I pray for those children who have to go to school where the facilities are inadequate. Help the teachers and other staff to be especially aware of the effect these problems have on the children and to compensate them by extra attention and understanding. Prompt the authorities to rectify the bad situation quickly. In Jesus’ name I ask. AMEN

Daily Prayer book

Ascension Day – 5th May 2016

Lord God, I join with the disciples of Christ all over the globe who are celebrating the ascension of Jesus Christ today. There are things about it that are beyond my understanding, but still I celebrate Jesus, the Lord of glory, the one who rose from the dead and lives forever to pray for me and other struggling human disciples. Thank you Lord that this day gives me and all the world hope – since you reign in undisputed sovereignty. Hail King Jesus. Amen and Amen

Daily Prayer book

Medical results – 4th May 2016

I pray today for people who will receive the results of medical tests which will confirm their worst fears. Help the doctors to talk with them in kindness and gentleness. Surround them with people who will be sensitive and caring. Help them to approach their future with trust in you and with courage. In Christ’s name I ask it.  AMEN

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"When working with Gentiles, I live like a Gentile, outside the Jewish Law, in order to win Gentiles. This does not mean that I don't obey God's law; I am really under Christ's law".

1 Cor 9:21 GNB

If you are trying to communicate with someone you have somehow to try to "get into their skin". If you are talking to a sportsman you would probably find out a bit about the sport he is interested in before conversing - but if you talked about farming your conversation might not get very far.

Paul had worked with Gentile people long enough to know that he wouldn't make much headway if he talked about the synagogue, the law, the sacrificial system and the Old Testament. Trying to communicate with them he ignored the aspects of the Jewish faith that would have interested Jews. His phrase for "the Jewish faith" is always "the Law". It was a big issue in the early Christian church since many of the believers had formerly been Jewish and some Gentiles had been converts to Judaism. It was hard for them to think in terms of grace and to leave behind the legalism that was the heart and core of their previous faith. And of course, Jesus himself had been a Jew!

Perhaps Christians today need to have a greater respect for the law of the Old Testament since it forms the bedrock of good behaviour to this day, and underlies most secular legal systems. Accepting the grace of Jesus Christ, however, gives you a better motivation for the ethic of love than the fear or guilt which the Jewish law inevitably creates. Follow Jesus and let him fill you with love for all people.

Prayer thought

Lord, let me obey your law of love.

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