“In the shadow of your wings I find protection until the raging storms are over”.

Psalm 57:1 GNB

Storms come in many different forms. One of the aspects of normal adult life is that a person knows and expects that storms in one form or another are almost bound to come. A builder once said, “The trouble with this business is it’s never straightfor- ward. If there’s money to pay for it all, there’s a shortage of land to build on. If there’s land, there’s no bricks. If there’s bricks there’s no cement. If there’s cement there’s no labour”. Family conflict is one form of storm many of us experience. Unemployment is another. Sudden deterioration in health can floor us. Political crises come to many situations. Economic turmoil is a common enemy. Storms are normal. Even a great leader like King David had them – seemingly often.

But the shadow of God’s wings is as sure as the storms themselves. And David had learnt to use them to great advantage. He had not only learnt that they were normal – he had also found that they were of temporary duration. His place of refuge was a cave. Inside the cave he felt safe, protected by the surrounding rocks, impregnable and almost inaccessible. They spoke to him of the shelter and shadow of God’s protecting care, just as a mother hen’s wings do to her chicks.

One Christian believer said he had come to see that one of the great statements in the Bible was, “And it came to pass”. It all comes – uphill, down dale yes – but it comes to pass. It doesn’t endure for ever. The storm blows over and the fair weather returns. Learn to take refuge in the wings of God – until the storm is over.


Lord, cause my present storm to pass.