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Learning from others – 18th April 2018

Lord, make me teachable in everything. Keep me from thinking that I know everything, or even a lot. Make me willing to admit that I was wrong when I have made a mistake, and happy to learn from others who know more than I do. Keep me humble always. In Jesus’ name I ask it – AMEN.

Darkness into light – 17th April 2018

Lord, in the darkness of the midnight hour, when all light has been extinguished, all hope abandoned, all love turned to hate, and all faith confounded, search for me with your gentle care and untiring persistence till you find me. Turn my darkness to light, my despair to renewal and my fear to courage. In Christ’s name I ask it – AMEN.

Ill health – 16th April 2018

Lord, I uphold before you today those who are suffering ill-health of mind or body due to the effects of contaminated air or water, or because unhealthy working conditions were not controlled. Grant them healing and restoration. Prompt those responsible for the problems to attend to them and bring remedies. I ask in Jesus’ name – AMEN.

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“You are not under law, but under grace”.

Romans 6:14 NIV

It is always wise to grasp the deep principles which underlie the overall teaching of the Old Testament. Paul the apostle came to know Christ after being brought up a strict Jew. For him, up to that point, the law (i.e. the Ten Commandments and the many elaborations of them worked out by Jewish scholars) was his rule of life. He was a slave to it. His conversion to Christ freed him from this slavery without releasing him from the need to observe the law. He then knew that the grace of Jesus Christ freed him to live a life dominated by love. Much of what he taught and wrote thereafter seemed to set the law and grace in opposition to each other and many have misunderstood his teaching on this matter.

In fact, the giving of the law by God to Moses on Mount Sinai was itself an act of God in his grace. The commandments were intended to give life – not to hedge people’s freedom or make them miserable. On Sinai God came down to give his people a way of life that would lift them above the waywardness of constantly being dominated by their instincts and passions. The discipline, self-control and respect which adherence to the law would provide raised their quality of life above that of their neighbours of other faiths.

The negative attitude to “the law” which has arisen on the part of Christian believers’ reading of Paul’s teachings needs to be tempered by this recognition of the positive value of the law. By the time of Christ Gentiles were seeking to become Jewish adherents (or proselytes), because of the attractive and disciplined lifestyle of Jewish people.


Lord, thank you for the teaching you have given for good living.

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