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Remember the poor – 13th April 2016

Lord, today I remember the poor. Help them to live with courage and dignity. Show them how to reduce their expenses and still find pleasures and happiness. Show them ways in which to increase their income and give them the hope that they will one day have better lives with or without more money. Give them love. In Jesus’ name.  AMEN

Wealth as a gift – 12th April 2016

Lord, I pray today for those who are rich. Help them to see their wealth as a gift from you. Make them grateful for all they have and for the opportunities they have had to acquire it. Help them not to be arrogant or to think that nothing else matters but money. Help them to find ways in which to serve others. In Jesus’ name.  AMEN

Employers – 11th April 2016

Lord, I pray today for employers. Help them to be understanding of their workers’ problems and needs. Enable them to run efficient organizations without being obsessed only with bigger and better profits. Help them to lead without being dictatorial. Keep them always humble and human, competent and reasonable. In Christ’s name.  AMEN

Daily Devotion



“The Lord has given me understanding, and I have not rebelled or turned away from him”.

Isaiah 50:5 GNB

The world of people, nations and communities is a hotbed of evil, mischief and sin. There is intrigue, greed, conspiracy and corruption. It is so now, and it always was, whether the public know about it or not.

In the case of Israel there was also sin – defying God, neglecting to worship him, and rank disobedience to his laws. But the world is not full of unmitigated evil. There are people who serve God, obey him and glorify him. The parable which Jesus told of the wheat and the weeds growing together illustrated this truth (Matt 13:24-30). The sinful Israelites who turned away from God did not have understanding. The servant of God (probably the prophet himself) did have understanding. It came from God. It was what we would call “a gift of the Spirit”. It meant that he saw and understood the evil that was rampant in the world at large – as well as the sinfulness of the people of God. He knew that it was all the result of a world that was at war with God, with truth and with goodness, and that defied God’s commandments. It also means that he threaded a way that was truth and righteousness, that brought good out of evil, and that he trusted God even when God hid himself. His faith did not waver even when evil appeared to triumph.

Christ’s disciples today will seek to be beacons of light in a dark world. They will stand for the truth when falsehood flourishes. They will do the right even when it is portrayed as being against “the national interest”. It won’t be easy.


Lord, give me true understanding of the world in which I live.

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