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We hope that this contact will be the beginning of an ongoing relationship, whether through the printed word, the internet, via cellphone, or by e‐mail. By contacting us you become part of a world‐wide community of people who seek daily help from God in the running of their lives and understanding the Christian faith. The printed form of Faith for Daily Living is read by people in eighty countries. Some are looking for help, others for guidance, yet others for comfort and some for instruction. God has touched many people through its ministry. He may well meet you as well.
Whatever your reason for this contact we say, "God bless you".

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Parents – 6th January 2016

Lord, I thank you today for my parents, for all the sacrifices they made for me, the way they brought me up, and the example they set. Forgive me for not having been more appreciative when I was younger. And make me a good Christian parent, I pray. AMEN.

Feeling Afraid – 5th January 2016

Lord God, if at any time today I feel afraid, give me new courage and the sense that you are close. If I am tempted to do wrong or to say a hasty word, hold me back. If I am inclined to judge another person harshly, stop me from doing it. Help me to live like Jesus. In his name.  AMEN.

Time – 4th January 2016

Lord, help me to make good use of my time today. As the years of my life slip away, let your Spirit make me a good and faithful steward of the hours, the minutes and the seconds. Help me to be careful in the choice of how to spend the time and disciplined in the way I use it.  In Christ’s name I ask it.  AMEN.

Daily Devotion



“The Lord says, ‘Listen to me, you that want to be saved, you that come to me for help”.

Isaiah 51:1 GNB

We usually think that God’s role in the relationship we have with him is to listen to us. We tell him what our needs are. We inform him what our problems are. We tell him about the extra money that we need. We ask his help in the health problems that we experience. We share our doubts, our difficulties, and our despair. We try to hammer home to him all these things. When he appears not to hear we think we have not used the correct words, or that we have done something sinful that has annoyed him, or that we do not have enough faith. We assume that he is some kind of a problem-solving machine.

When Isaiah was preparing the Israelite people to get ready to return to Jerusalem from their exile in Babylon, he listened to God. And God spoke to him with his message for the people. Like him, they were to listen to God. He was the sovereign Lord God Almighty. They were not to order him to listen to their whining. He is the one who does the ordering. Their task is to listen to his commands, to deepen their faith, to watch to see his actions in history and to be ready to embark on the pilgrimage of a lifetime back to their promised land. God did not say, “Oh well come on then with your shopping-list”. He said, “Get ready to do my shopping and to receive my help. Trust me to fulfil my purpose”.

Christian disciples are to humble themselves before God, to wait on him, and to go at his command.


Lord, help me to be quiet and listen to you.

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