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Assisting others today – 5th April 2016

Lord, help those who will assist others involved in accidents today. Help the police to be caring and sensitive with all those they have to deal with. Sustain ambulance personnel and paramedics in the tricky work they have to do with shaken, frightened and injured people. Help them to comfort those who are hurt. In Christ’s name.  AMEN

Keep us safe – 4th April 2016

Lord, I pray for all who will be involved in accidents today. Help them to recover from the shock they will experience quickly. Help those who are injured and bring assistance to them quickly. If they are critically affected, give them the will to hold on to life and to do what they can to assist those who are seeing to them. In Christ’s name.  AMEN

Focus on Christ – 3rd April 2016

Lord, another week is over and I’m glad to come to Saturday. Show me how to use it well, to get a few things done, to enjoy some recreation, to spend quality time with family members, and to relax constructively. Help me to not waste time just because my nose doesn’t have to be always at the grindstone. I ask it in Christ’s name.  AMEN

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“(Jesus) asked them ‘What were you arguing about on the road?’ But they kept quiet because on the way they had argued about who was the greatest.”

Mark 9:33 NIV

Power is one of the prime motivators for human behaviour. In some parts of the world people kill others in order to get the right to contest elections. When they get elected they don’t always know what to do with the power they have! The struggle to get to the top, to be regarded as “the greatest”, is there in every big and small human organization. From the committee that runs the village football team to posts in the national cabinet – they are all the scene of sometimes bitter “power struggles”. It happens in some church councils, and certainly among groups of bishops. All want to be “top dog” and to work up a “media profile” so that they get noticed.

And the disciples of Jesus, right there in the inner circle, discussed among themselves which of them was the greatest. They did more – they argued among themselves. It sounds as if it was more than a quiet discussion – but how heated it became we do not know. But Jesus overheard it and knew how destructive it would be.

Sometimes, in Christian circles, these power struggles take place, even within the local congregation. The problem it creates is particularly prevalent amongst ordained ministers who operate in team ministries where more than one minister serves in the same church. Christian disciples need to be permanently on the lookout for signs of this amongst their own leaders. It is also often a problem in small churches where one family assumes leadership and causes massive problems by doing so. Take action whenever you see it.


Lord, enable love to prevail in place of power struggles.

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