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Teachers – 15th April 2018

Today Lord, I pray for school teachers. Sustain them with physical strength for the stamina they need. Help them to maintain the sense of vocation they need to teach effectively. Constantly remind them that they are not teaching lessons but children. Give them the satisfaction of seeing pupils grow. In Christ’s name I ask it – AMEN.

Clinical psychologists – 14th April 2018

Lord, I pray today for clinical psychologists listening to the inner turmoil in many people’s hearts. Help them to be patient with people who are long-winded in telling their story, slow to see their own faults in any problem, and immature in moving forward. Above all, help them to care wisely. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask it – AMEN.

Appreciate something today – 13th April 2018

Lord, help me during this week to grow in some way. Help me to learn something new, to appreciate something I had never noticed before, to attempt some new adventure in faith, and to take steps to encourage friendship. Let your Holy Spirit lead me into some experience of your grace I had not previously known. In Christ’s name – AMEN.

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“The law of the Lord is perfect”.

Ps 19:7 NIV

The dominance of the Christian faith in many parts of the world over many centuries, and the prominence it has given to the Bible has ensured that the Ten Commandments have played a huge role in shaping legal systems and the acceptance of morality as determining behaviour. Given by the Jewish faith to the world community they have been one of the supreme factors in guiding societies in their understanding of right and wrong.

“God’s commandments are in truth cement for society. It is clear that where these values are acknowledged, communities (our own for instance, in the past) hold together, even in this fallen world; but in proportion as these values are negated, society falls apart. This can be learned both from the paganized world of injustice and revolution that was the northern kingdom of Israel in the Old Testament, and also from the revolutions and counterrevolutions that wrack the world today” (J.I. Packer, Keeping the Ten Commandments, p119). The decline of formal religion in many western countries is leading to the slow process of discarding the commandments as the understood and expected standards of conduct and social relationships.

“Putting the Ten Commandments together we see that God wanted to secure his own Lordship over the nation of Israel and then to protect each person’s right to life, home, property and a society run on a basis of proper relationships. The number ten represents the perfection of divine order, a complete cycle with nothing missing, so these ten words of the Lord contain all that is necessary, no more and no less. Lived out, they would create a society at peace with God and humanity” (F. Hogan, Words of Life from Exodus, p182).


Lord, help us to cherish your law .

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