Modern inventions – 24th November 2017

Lord, I thank you for the modern inventions that enrich our lives. I think especially of television with its wide spread of entertainment and information that brings us up to date with what is happening around the world. Thank you for my favourite programmes and the skilled presentations by professional journalists. In Christ – AMEN.

Extended families – 23rd November 2017

Lord, I pray for my extended family today. I think of ……. and …… Lord let your light shine in their hearts today and bring them joy and hope. Whatever their problems let them know your love in their hearts and enable them to be helpful to other people today. If they are carrying burdens give them your strength. I ask in Jesus’ name – AMEN.

Church secretaries – 22nd November 2017

Lord, I pray for church secretaries today as they go about the routine work of typing letters and seeing to the day-to-day affairs of churches. Help them to be supportive of their ministers, to keep people’s private affairs strictly confidential and to be sympathetic to those who need care. I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ – AMEN.

Healing and redeeming work – 21st November 2017

Lord, grant that I may become more involved in the healing and redeeming work of the Christian community in your world. Help me not to think negatively about the world but to see it with your eyes and always to remember the glory of Christ’s resurrection as the supreme event in world history. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ – AMEN.

Poverty and unemployment – 20th November 2017

I pray today Lord for people in those countries where poverty and unemployment abound. Help them not to despair but to find ways to work hard to earn something that will enable them to eat and help them to hang on in hope. Help their economists and politicians to co-operate to bring more prosperity. I ask it in Christ’s name – AMEN.

Day of Glory – 19th November 2017

Lord, let this Sunday be a day of glory to you. Prompt all who lead worship to structure their services so that whatever mood people are in when they come to worship, they will become supremely aware of God and his glory, Jesus Christ and his triumphant victory over sin and evil. Let your glory shine forth in all the earth. I ask in Christ – AMEN.

Lonely old people – 18th November 2017

Lord God, help those lonely old people who are facing the declining years on their own and with no family support. Give them friends who will talk with them and spend time with them. Help them to grow patiently in faith and trust in you, to look forward in hope to reunions in heaven and to keep well. I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ – AMEN.