Worship – 25th February 2018

I pray today Lord, for those people who cannot join with other Christians in corporate worship. I think of those who have to work, those who are far away from fellow Christians, and those who are too ill to join with others. Let the word of God reach them through the radio or TV and speak deeply to their hearts. I ask in Christ’s name – AMEN.

Severe drought – 24th February 2018

I pray Lord, for those people living in areas where there is severe drought. Help the authorities to make wise decisions about water rationing, and to remain sensitive to people’s needs all the way. Make the people responsible in their use of the small water resources that are available. Lord, send them rain. I ask it in Christ’s name – AMEN.

Sadness – 23rd February 2018

Lord, help me to be sensitive to the people I meet today. If any are sad, help me to be aware of them and supportive towards them in whatever is causing their sadness. Help me to detect where someone is worried about something, fearful because of some problem, or aware of some illness. Help me to express love. I ask it in Christ – AMEN.

Resentments – 22nd February 2018

Lord, forgive me for the resentments that I harbour and forgive me for my reluctance to forgive people when they have wronged me. Help me to stop the poisonous process of nursing grievances and prolonging animosities. Put your Spirit of healing, wholeness and love into my heart. Help me to forgive. I ask it in the name of Christ – AMEN.

Happiness – 21st February 2018

Lord, today I ask that you will make me happy. Help me to find things about which to be filled with hope. Let me see the bright side of everything and bring love and even laughter into some other people’s lives. Let me be courageous. Let me be positive. Let me be sensible. Let me share humour wherever I can. I ask it in Christ’s name – AMEN.

Retrenched – 20th February 2018

I pray, Lord, for those workers who have been retrenched from their work positions. Help them to recover from the shock and the feeling of indignity that this creates. Prompt them Lord, to adopt attitudes of courage and to do everything in their power to secure alternative employment. Give them faith and hope. In Christ I ask it – AMEN.

Injured in attacks – 19th February 2018

I pray today Lord for those people who have been injured in attacks by criminals, especially those who are old and live by themselves. Grant that proper medical attention may bring healing and restoration to them. Grant also that the criminals responsible may be apprehended by the authorities. I ask it in Christ’s name – AMEN.