Beautiful memories – 21st April 2018

I thank you Lord, for the beautiful memories of events that happened long years ago. I thank you that they have turned dull grey days into times of Joy and have sustained me through the dark and difficult times Thank you for all your gifts down the years. In Christ’s name I ask it – AMEN.

Help me to pray – 20th April 2018

Lord, often my prayers just seem like empty words. Help me to feel the words that I read as I pray to you and make my life one kind of prayer or another. Forgive me that my prayers are so weak but accept them as sincere and help me to do better. I ask through Jesus Christ – AMEN.

Students in universities – 19th April 2018

Lord, I pray for students in universities today. Help them to grasp the opportunities before them with both hands, and to see the privilege they have in being able to attend an institution of higher learning. Motivate them to study diligently and to do careful research in all the subjects they are tackling. Prompt them to work doubly hard at exam time and to pass. I ask it in Christ’s name – AMEN.

Learning from others – 18th April 2018

Lord, make me teachable in everything. Keep me from thinking that I know everything, or even a lot. Make me willing to admit that I was wrong when I have made a mistake, and happy to learn from others who know more than I do. Keep me humble always. In Jesus’ name I ask it – AMEN.

Darkness into light – 17th April 2018

Lord, in the darkness of the midnight hour, when all light has been extinguished, all hope abandoned, all love turned to hate, and all faith confounded, search for me with your gentle care and untiring persistence till you find me. Turn my darkness to light, my despair to renewal and my fear to courage. In Christ’s name I ask it – AMEN.

Ill health – 16th April 2018

Lord, I uphold before you today those who are suffering ill-health of mind or body due to the effects of contaminated air or water, or because unhealthy working conditions were not controlled. Grant them healing and restoration. Prompt those responsible for the problems to attend to them and bring remedies. I ask in Jesus’ name – AMEN.

Teachers – 15th April 2018

Today Lord, I pray for school teachers. Sustain them with physical strength for the stamina they need. Help them to maintain the sense of vocation they need to teach effectively. Constantly remind them that they are not teaching lessons but children. Give them the satisfaction of seeing pupils grow. In Christ’s name I ask it – AMEN.