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Unemployed – 18th February 2019

Lord, I pray today for people who want to work but can’t find employment, who stand or sit at street corners hoping for some casual job. Grant that people may have pity on them and give them work with food and wages. Help them not to despair. I ask it in Jesus’ name – AMEN.

Joy – 17th February 2019

Lord God, let this day be filled with joy for your church. Let there be echoes of the resurrection of Jesus and may his risen presence dominate every gathering for worship. May he claim new disciples wherever the gospel is proclaimed. I ask it in Christ’s holy name – AMEN.

Missionaries – 16th February 2019

I pray, Lord for Christian missionaries who seek to bring the light of the gospel into places of darkness. Give them spiritual strength and plenty of courage to withstand disappointment, opposition and criticism. Help them to find comfort in the gospel of Jesus. I ask it in his name – AMEN.

Daily Devotion



“You, God, tested us; you refined us like silver”.

Ps 66:10 NIV

A person once met a man who lived in the mountains going to cut some wood with which to repair his wagon. “I need the toughest I can get” he said, “and that kind always grows on the top of the mountain where the storms hit the hardest” (Soldier’s Armoury 1981, p75). Many people encounter hardship, suffering or deprivation and such adversity can break them. But many others find that God strengthens them and that their faith ripens when the winds of adversity blow strongly. They emerge more mature, more compassionate, and more sensitive to other people’s suffering. Some even find that their suffering becomes a gateway to achiev- ing greatness. Nelson Mandela would be many people’s example of refinement under adversity.

The psalmist saw their time in slavery in Egypt as the suffering of his fellow Israelites. Their long and difficult journey through the wilderness afterwards was as well. Taking the analogy of a metal being refined by fire, he sees the strengthening of the people emerging as a result. “A metal can be refined only if it goes through the furnace, be melted, and then be re-created in a new form. Before it entered the flames, it was, of course, a precious commodity, even though it was still mixed with dross. Yet the dross in it simply must be burned away” (G.A.F. Knight, The Psalms Vol 1, p299).

God does not call his people to a bed of roses. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German Christian leader in World War II said, “When Christ calls a person, he bids him come and die” (Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship, p7). As a Christian disciple, expect to be refined in the fires of affliction .


Lord, help me to endure whatever testing you may call me to.

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