“Masters, … Remember that you and your slaves belong to the same Master in heaven, who judges everyone by the same standard”. 

Eph 6:9 GNB 
In many communities today the relationships and social standings of the people in the wider or work community carry over into the Christian church as well. In a mining town if the manager of the mine is also a member of the church the people in the church who are his employees on the mine will tend to regard him with greater deference than other people. 
The same applied with masters and slaves in New Testament times. The master-slave relationship tended to permeate the church. It might well happen, however, that a slave in the work place could be a leader or deacon in the Christian fellowship whilst the master was an ordinary member. This could cause tensions, and Paul was well aware of this kind of difficulty. He spoke quite sternly therefore to the masters in the Ephesian congregation. He points out to them that they are also servants of their Lord and Master Jesus Christ as their slaves are. Also their heavenly master is a judge who will judge their respective works, and by implication their relationships to each other too. 
It is quite easy for Christian believers to divorce their work and church life. If they hold employment positions that carry power they can easily succumb to the temptation to use that power in ways that might be less than a good Christian would. Power of any sort is a difficult role to handle with care and responsibility and the pressures of the work-place tend to bring excessively intense stress on those with the power. Remember if not here, then elsewhere, God is the judge. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to control my love of power.