“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power”. 

Eph 6:10 NIV 
In the north of KwazuluNatal in South Africa there is a road bridge over the river Umfolozi. The river, usually little more than a stream, slowly meanders several metres below the high bridge. In 1984 heavy rains brought both tributaries of the river down in flood. The level began to rise, higher and higher. After a few days the water was lapping up against the underside of the bridge causing it to shake. Eventually the police closed the bridge and a few minutes later it went crashing down, a large chunk being carried downstream by this mighty flood, now a raging torrent some two hundred metres wide. There are many kinds of “mighty power”, but maybe the unusual forces of nature, only seen occasionally in such an angry mood, are amongst the most awesome. 
Paul was very conscious of the mighty spiritual power of God. He needed to be. All around him and the disciples to whom he wrote there roamed and raided the evil spiritual powers that terrorized their every waking moment. Those powers were stronger than any frail human being. People said that they ruled the universe. They instilled fear into all but the most blazé. But the God in whom Paul had put his trust was mighty and powerful, so much so that he had raised Jesus Christ from the dead. He alone had the might to defeat and to overcome these forces of evil. 
He still has. However awesome the combined powers of evil in the world today may be, God is more powerful. He is able to control and to go on ruling over the chaos they cause. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Thank you, Lord, for your mighty power.