“Finally then, find your strength in the Lord”. 

Eph 6:10 NEB 
We all need strength. And we need strength of various kinds – physical strength in the form of capacity, physical energy to keep going, mental strength in the sense of the will to face each day, strength to solve various kinds of problems, strength in the form of the resilience to recover from various setbacks, and sometimes sheer courage to attempt difficult tasks. 
And we need spiritual strength. Paul knew how hard it was for the people in Ephesus to be Christian disciples in a city where the religion of Diana (or Artemis) flourished, focusing as it did on sexuality and lust. As if their own sexuality wasn’t enough to try to channel into love and care, they had this all-prevalent stimulus around them with all its ramifications for employment and commerce. And evil – wild, rampant and ever-present. 
It was no place for the spiritually weak, the fair-weather Christians, or the false-teeth Christians (sometimes in and sometimes out). It was tough. Paul told them to look, not at their own spiritual strengths or weaknesses, but to concentrate on Christ. In him they would find strength and power to resist the surrounding evil. 
Do the same. Take Paul’s advice. There is evil all round in terms of the enhanced and accentuated sexuality in the media and entertainment. The surrounding attitudes to life in general encourage you to have fun, to get drunk and to be cynical and callous, to worship your own body in the pursuit of physical fitness and to become obsessed with materialism. Society says, “Get rich, the quicker the better and the richer the better”. Christ says, “Look to me, the fountainhead of all spiritual power. I will not let you down”. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, make me spiritually strong.