“For the sake of this gospel I am an ambassador, though now I am in prison. Pray that I may be bold in speaking about the gospel as I should”. 

Eph 6:20 GNB 
Many people wilt under pressure. They find any setback to be a ready excuse for currying sympathy and eliciting pity. It is sometimes referred to as “Wooden Leg”. But others seem to find extra inspiration and challenge in difficulty – they just revel in it and produce their best work in such circumstances. 
Paul was one of the latter. When he wrote to the Ephesian Christians he was in prison in Rome. It put a stop to his travels. It closed down his outward movement to spread the gospel. He had wanted to go to Spain, but this imprisonment put paid to that plan. His wings were well and truly clipped. Instead he found a new challenge God was opening up for him. He would witness to Jesus right where he was. There was the guard to whom to tell the story of Jesus. For two years he welcomed all who came to see him. Whilst there in jail “the two major qualities he wants to characterize his preaching of Jesus are utterance and boldness” (J. Stott, The Message of Ephesians, p285). 
This means he desired to have clarity and boldness. In every speaker, on any subject, clarity is essential. Without this no message gets across. It has to be simple enough to be clear to the hearers. But also courage or boldness is essential. The confidence of the speaker will shine through and commend the message being given. Both clarity and boldness are gifts of God. 
All believers should pray for them in the preachers of the word today. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, let the gospel go out with boldness and clarity.