“Everything was created through him; nothing – not one thing! – came into being without him”. 

Jn 1:3 EHP 
In these last few days of rush and bustle before Christmas it behoves us to spend a moment or two pondering on just what Christmas is all about. Beyond the stars, the angels and the tinsel there is deep meaning. 
The Word is the supreme principle of the universe, the coherence that guarantees its unity (in all its diversity!), and its ground of existence. Not only is God a being who speaks and therefore wants to express himself, he does this in order to reveal himself and he expresses himself in everything he has made. Just as the painting of a beautiful picture opens up something of the mind of the artist who painted it, so the created world discloses the mind and heart of God. The sum of all created things – sun, moon, stars, sky, sea, earth, planets, fish, bugs and beetles, trees, mountains, rivers, elephants – absolutely everything in fact, shows us something of God. It is the end-product of God getting down to the business of disclosing himself to the creatures he loves. 
In the Word as it became Christ in Bethlehem, God was bringing this self-disclosure to its completion. Well did someone describe Jesus Christ as “The human face of God”. But then this revelation of God in Jesus only came to its climax about thirty three years later in the cross and resurrection. Why did God use a person, a little baby, to show us his true nature? Because that was, and is, the only language (Word) that we human beings can understand, hear, and respond to. 

FOR REFLECTION Our God contracted to a span, Incomprehensibly made man.