“May God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give to all Christian brothers and sisters peace and love with faith. May God’s grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ with undying love”. 

Eph 6:23, 24 GNB 
Another year ends. Tomorrow will mark the start of another one. This past year has seen some changes. The next year will as well. Some of those changes will be for the better. Others will signal a downturn. Life is always a mixture of good and bad. 
But God will not change. Nor will Jesus. Nor will the gospel. So we move out of the past year with a wish for the things that abide. When Paul wrote to the Christians at Ephesus he wished them to know peace and love with faith. He knew that in the world around them peace was never guaranteed. But the peace of God, the deep inner peace was. It was guaranteed because it was a gift of God and was not dependent on any outward circumstance. But he wished them love and faith as well. These were the qualities that would enable them to withstand the evil all around them. And they were being wished these things, these precious gifts, by Paul – they were coming to them through a human agency. Always God works through people, and especially through those of faith. 
As you look back and hopefully feel a sense of gratitude for the past, look forward with faith in God and especially in his grace. It is by faith you have been saved by grace – always the blessing comes from God. Look for that grace in the year and years to come. 

Lord, I will rely on you and you alone in the year that lies ahead.