“Let the shoes on your feet be the gospel of peace, to give you firm footing”. 

Eph 6:15 NEB 
Boots are an important part of a soldier’s clothing. Soldiers have strong, heavy boots with laces that wrap around the ankles (giving extra support) and studded soles. Sometimes soldiers have to walk for miles. They need to have really good boots to get there! 
“The Roman soldier’s boots equipped him for long marches and for a solid stance… While they did not impede his mobility, they prevented his foot from sliding” (J. Stott, The Message of Ephesians, p279). There is an awkward piece of translation here, but perhaps the meaning is that the Christian soldier needs always to be “on his marks” ready to tell the story of Jesus or to give teaching to anyone willing to listen. And, ironically, the soldier, the man of war in real life, brings the gospel of peace! The good news of Jesus Christ does, when accepted, bring peace with God for those who believe. “Missionary work is like a pair of sandals that have been given to the Church in order that it shall set out on the road and keep on going to make known the mystery of the gospel. … The devil fears and hates the gospel, because it is God’s power to rescue people from tyranny, both us who have received it and those with whom we share it. So we need to keep our gospel boots strapped on” (J. Stott, The Message of Ephesians, p280). 
In a world plagued by war and in the lives of Christian believers struggling with spiritual warfare, the peace of the gospel of Christ is a welcome dose of medicine. Know it internally and give it away. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, let me be ready always to share the gospel of Jesus.