“Pray always for all God’s people”. 

Eph 6:18 GNB 
One of the problems we have with prayer is that we tend to be far too selfish. We pray for ourselves and our families. We pray vaguely “for the sick”. And soon we run out of steam, our thoughts go wandering off and we soon grind to a halt. Then we say to ourselves “I’m not the praying type”. 
The Christians in Paul’s day were probably not more than a few thousand altogether. They gathered and worshipped in small communities mainly in certain big cities. There was no church building. They worshipped in someone’s house. Church buildings came centuries later. It was difficult being a Christian believer. Sometimes too, it was dangerous. But the little group in Ephesus knew there was another group in Antioch, in Alexandria, in Corinth and in Rome. They were linked to each other by their faith in, and love for, Jesus Christ. And they upheld each other in prayer, knowing that they were facing danger and that some were being tempted to compromise. All the time some were slipping back into the pagan religions from which they had come – or to Judaism. So they were urged to pray for each other – all the time. Not just when there was persecution or trouble. They were to engage in persistent, prevailing prayer for all their fellow believers. 
Do the same. Maybe you can find a prayer manual or guide and you can remember those believers in countries where there is persecution, or where Christians are only a minority. Pray for them all – especially those in poor circumstances, or where the opponents of the faith exact a heavy price of Christ’s followers. And don’t get tired tomorrow. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, thank you that I belong to a great cloud of witnesses.