“Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled round your waist”. 

Eph 6:14 NIV 
We all think we know what is meant by “the truth”. We assume it refers to “the facts, the bare facts”. However, when we listen to the unravelling of events and different people’s testimonies in a big court case we come to see that there are varying |interpretations of the facts and truth is a combination of interpretation, insight and fact. 
“It is said that a customer at a slave-market asked a smart, bright boy: ‘If I buy you, will you be honest?’ The boy replied, ‘I will be honest whether you buy me or not’”. (C. Kew, The Soldier’s Ar- moury, 1980, p 107). There is a quality of truth that is more than facts, and more than right doctrine. There is more to it than intellectual correctness. The boy in the slave-market had integrity. For him, truth was how you lived and it may be that when Paul urged the Ephesian Christians to buckle up with truth he could have been thinking of transparency and integrity of life as much as good doctrine. People who have integrity of life exhibit an inner strength that shows up the shams, pretences and false facades put on by many people, including some who hold impeccably correct Christian beliefs. 
Make sure that in your Christian armoury there is a quality of congruence, purity, uprightness and holiness that enables you to stand up against the falseness and shallowness of hypocrisy and criticism that abound in this world. Years ago a book was published all about Christian behaviour. It was entitled “Doing the Truth”. Good doctrine will help you to prevail in the spiritual warfare of life. Truth of character and integrity will too. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to be “truth-full” all the time.