“Take the helmet of salvation”. 

Eph 6:17 NIV 
The “tin hat” of the modern soldier is a far cry from the ancient warrior’s helmet. But in battle conditions it is indispensable for protecting the head when bullets and bits of shrapnel are flying around. 
The Roman soldier’s helmet was a big thing, usually made of bronze. It had an inside lining of felt or sponge which made the weight bearable. Only something as heavy as an axe or hammer could pierce the helmet. Some had decorative plumes as well. Sometimes a hinged visor gave protection in the front also. 
The Christian who has accepted Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Saviour has received the gift of salvation. When you confess your past sins and resolve to abandon present and possible future sins, you receive salvation. You are forgiven by God in his great mercy and grace and he receives you by adoption into his great family of all present Christian believers as well as all the saints of bygone ages. But salvation has a future reference as well. The salvation you have received is never complete in this life. You will only know full and final salvation “on the last day”. This includes resurrection glory and Christ-likeness in heaven. This total saving power of Christ, given and never earned, is our only defence against all that Satan can throw at us – and, as we have seen, he throws plenty! “That which adorns and protects the Christian, which enables him or her to hold up their heads with confidence and joy, is that fact of being saved, and, we might add, the hope of that salvation being perfected in the end” (J. Stott, The Message of Ephesians, p282). 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, keep me ever aware of the salvation you have given me.