“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God”. 

Ps 40:3 NIV 
How do you celebrate a wonderful occasion? You tell other people about it. Some will throw a party and invite friends and relatives. Others will go on a special holiday. Some will make sure the event is recorded in the press. And there are various ways of making a noise about it – singing, shouting, and maybe dancing. 
The man who wrote Psalm 40 was grateful to God for his having brought him out of an awful situation. It had been a long-drawn-out affair. It had needed him to pray to God and to go on and on praying. But finally the end of the ordeal had come and his deliverance from the tragedy made the man want to exult in what God had done. Being a poet, he wanted to put his gratitude into words and accompany it with music. So God had not only granted him his wish, he had also given him a new song to sing – a hymn of praise, thanksgiving and glory to God. 
Music – happy, joyful, rhythmic music has always been a hallmark of the Christian community’s worship. They have so much for which to thank God – for Jesus, his love and salvation, his guidance and grace, his forgiveness and power and his gift of the Holy Spirit. Often Christ has rescued people from addictions, sins and moral slavery. They want to tell the whole world and sing about it. Just coming to know Jesus is a wonderful experience that makes people want to live completely new lives and attempt to serve God in new ways. Let the song be raised! Let the gratitude flow! Let the world know about it! 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, put your new song in my heart.