“I will keep quiet, I will not say a word, 

for you are the one who made me suffer like this”. 
Ps 39:9 GNB 
People react differently to adversity and suffering. Some make a big fuss about it and complain about how cruel life is. Others transform it into a learning experience and grow in maturity and stature. Some talk incessantly about it and try to curry sympathy, usually exaggerating their plight in the process. Others grin and bear it stoically, never breathing a word. And some deny it and pretend that everything is normal. And some complain of how unfair life is, even going to the length of blaming God for their misfortune. 
Psalm 39’s psalm writer, having plumbed the depths of despair, decided to try and put it all behind him. He felt like blaming God – as many people do – but instead opted to keep silent. Maybe he had realized that life is not fair – as we all think it should be – and just wanted to move away from the trauma he had gone through without a lot of questions being asked. Clearly his reflection on his trials and tribulations had given him more courage and insight than he had previously known. 
Christian believers should learn to accept life as it is with all its problems, difficulties, strife and strain – and all its inequalities. Sure there are some things that need to be changed and should be, but illness, trouble, adversity and suffering are part of our human lot and have to be faced with courage, imagination and maturity. Jesus, God’s Son, faced opposition, misunderstanding, rejection and suffering with quiet determination and resolution. Out of his suffering he brought salvation for all humanity. He is your role model. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to be mature in facing setback and suffering.