“Lord, I know you will never stop being merciful to me. Your love and loyalty will always keep me safe”. 

Ps 40:11 GNB 
“Alan Walker describes an occasion when, standing by the Victoria Falls, he realized that, one hundred thousand years before, when the so-called Broken Hill man had stood there, the 
waters had flowed. Waking in the night he heard the roar of the falls and recognized that while he slept the waters flowed on. Then, he writes, ‘it all became a picture to me of the love of God. Long before I was born, and after I am gone, the love of God flows on. When I am asleep, when I am awake, the love of God is there. When I think of that love, when I forget it, that love remains. Nothing, nothing can stop the love of God coursing through the world he has made’” (Soldier’s Armoury,1969, p35). 
Our lives go up and down. One week we ride the crest of a wave. The next week we think nothing ever goes right. Likewise our faith sometimes ebbs and flows to greater or lesser degree. Here in this verse the psalmist expresses his confidence that, just as he would never stop talking of, and witnessing to, God’s love, so too God would never stop loving and helping him. An important feature of God’s love, brought out strongly and repeatedly in the Old Testament, is that it is constant, loyal and reliable. 
In The New Testament, that constant love was present in Jesus Christ, in all that he said and did. It is still there – for you in your daily ups and downs, your ebbs and flows of fortune. Respond to it by giving your life to him anew each day. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, thank you that your love never fails.