“I answered ‘Here I am: your instructions for me are in the book of the Law’”. 

Ps 40:7 GNB 
Some people believe that faith consists in going on a search for God and performing many religious acts until you find him. Others reckon that some people are “religious types” that just “click” with religion. Many of course feel that it’s all right for kids and women, but it’s better to grow out of it and live in the real world. 
The man who wrote Psalm 40 had gone through the mill. He called it “the miry pit”. We don’t know exactly what that was referring to – but it took a lot of prayer before he came out of it. Then he went to the temple to give thanks – and others were there to share the thanksgiving with him. Usually people went to the temple to offer sacrifices. The psalm-writer however says, “Here I am (in the temple)”. In saying that he was meaning that he was placing himself at God’s disposal, not coming to place an animal before God. In saying this he had reached right beyond the payment of a price to God to get right – the sacrificial system. He was saying, in the words of a much later hymn, “Just as I am without one plea”. He knew that his one way of coming to terms with God was to accept his grace, listen to his voice, and obey his will. 
It is the same for one who comes to Christ with the same sense of “I can do nothing for you – you have done it all for me”. The response to grace is gratitude which means that gratitude is the foundation of Christian faith. Everything else flows from that. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, in response to your grace, I give myself without reserve.