“Lord, how long will I live? When will I die? Tell me how soon my life will end”. 
Ps 39:4 GNB 
Life is getting longer. A few years ago, if you went to someone’s hundredth birthday, you wouldn’t be able to find a birthday card for a hundredth birthday. You could, of course have taken two fiftieths! Now you can get a hundredth card – there is a market for them. We have medical science to thank for that, plus improved knowledge of nutrition and health norms. But some still die young. And none of us knows when the call is going to come. 
In his dread and prolonged illness the poet of Psalm 39 wondered if his time had come. Being a man of faith he knew that his life was in God’s hands, but still he yearned to know if he had a short or a long time to live. He did not yet know that quality rather than length of life is the great measure of our stature as a person. He did not know because Christ only came several hundred years later. He lived thirty three years, and we know next to nothing about the first thirty of those. Then into his final three years he poured the whole mission of God in dealing with broken humanity. And he made those three years the most important years in the history of humankind. They weren’t long, but they were long enough for God the Father to reveal his nature and his actions, his love and his kingdom, for all time. 
The measure of life for Christian believers is not a question of how many years but how much love you put into the long or short span God gives you. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to fill my years with Christian love.