“I waited and waited and waited. At last he looked; finally he listened”. 

Ps 40:1 EHP 
We have all tried to make a phone call and found ourselves being told to be patient because the call will be answered. Since it’s obviously a pre-recorded voice we know that the machine we are listening to hasn’t a clue how long we will have to wait. So sometimes we do wait. And sometimes in our impatience we put the receiver down and try again later. 
And waiting for God to answer our prayers can be just as trying. The psalm-writer who penned Psalm 40 had prayed long and patiently. Did God answer because of the man’s patience or because he loved him anyway and was always going to respond? We will never know the answer to that one. 
We do know that in his waiting for God the man yearned and longed for him – the Hebrew original includes that meaning. And God did come to him and help him. Maybe, of course, he was not very good at waiting and that it seemed longer to him than it really was. The passage of time is never easy to measure when we are anxious and it can play tricks with us. And God, it seems, has all the time in the world! 
Whilst it may be very trying, keep on praying and seeking God’s face, his mercy and his love. Do not try to fathom out just why he seems to be so long and slow to respond. Whatever other reasons there may be, he wants to deepen your faith and draw you to himself. Just “Pray without ceasing” and in his own good time he will answer you. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to persevere in prayer.