“Indeed every living being is no more than a puff of wind, no more than a shadow. All they do is for nothing; they gather wealth, but don’t know who will get it”. 

Ps 39:5, 6 GNB 
We live in an age when the mass media make heroes, stars and celebrities. They seem to walk on air, have the world at their feet, and their faces are recognized in every home on the globe. Their opinions are sought on every subject under the sun, and they often command enormous fees just for being at some event. But they are soon forgotten and the world moves on. Nevertherless many people seek this kind of popularity and publicity. 
The psalmist who wrote Psalm 39 had been through the mill. It had caused him to think deeply about life and what it was all about. And, in dialogue with God, he had come to see the emptiness of many people’s lives. He saw that they scamper here and scurry there, but often find nothing deep or meaningful in any of their activities. Many make the amassing of wealth their main purpose in life, but when they go their money stays behind. 
Make sure that your life means something more than the enjoying of fun and the making of money. Find your meaning in Jesus and his way of life. Let small acts of love and kindness characterize your journey. Encourage those who are struggling. Help those who don’t know which way to turn. Point those in despair to Jesus Christ. Show everyone you know that real living is more than living for yourself. Life doesn’t have to be just “a puff of wind”. It can be a monument to Christ and a story of love. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to live for you and for others.