“Save me from all my sins, don’t let the fools laugh at me”. 

Ps 39:8 GNB 
One Sunday the husband went to worship but the wife stayed at home. When he returned she asked, “What was the service like? ”He replied, “It was O.K.”. “Well, what did he preach about?” the woman persisted. “Sin” was all she could get out of her husband. “O.K. so what did he have to say about it?” she went on. He replied, “He was against it”. We hear little about sin in churches today, but that does not mean it has gone out of fashion. It is still the root of the human predicament. It always will be. 
It was the psalm-writer’s biggest problem. When he needed God the most in his life, he felt far from him. And he was deep thinker enough to know that it was his sin that separated him from God. And he had found that only God could deal with him at the deep level where he was so conscious of his sin and all the problems that it was causing him. Having tried in vain to rid himself of his sins he was now casting himself on God to do it for him. He feared that his sins would do more damage in the future, and he wanted God not merely to cleanse him from past sins but to protect him from the danger they might cause him in the future. 
Do not make the mistake of pretending that sin is an old-fashioned and out-of-date element in human life. Bring yours to Christ, however many times you may have done so in the past. Having sought his cleansing, ask him also to protect you now and in the future. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, keep me from all future sin.