“He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand”. 

Ps 40:2 NIV 
When a person who is knowledgeable in a certain sphere of human activity starts to speak about some other field in which he knows no more than anyone else, we often think, “Now he’s on shaky ground”. 
The poet of Psalm 40 had known what it was like to have his feet stuck in miry clay. That was when adversity descended on him and his faith wavered. Left to his own devices he slipped and slithered. But God in his grace came to his rescue, hauled him out of the pit and gave him a solid foundation. In place of his wavering, God gave him certainty. God replaced his doubt with faith and strength, confidence and courage. 
People without faith base their lives on the shifting sands of personal pleasure, wealth-seeking, fun and “being decent”. They find it easy to drift, to “go with the flow”, and to seek nothing more than personal popularity. Jesus spoke about them in his parable of the two men, one of whom built his house on the sand and the other who built his on the rock. Rocks feature prominently in the Bible for the countryside was full of them. They supplied shade from the noonday heat, refuge from enemies, shelter for the night when away from home, and a strong defence in time of war. Huge rocks were used as foundations for buildings, there being as yet no concrete on which to erect them. To have faith in Jesus is to build on rock – he is more sure and steadfast than any human helper. And a person with a strong faith himself or herself becomes a rock as well. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to build my life around you .