“In the assembly of all your people, Lord, I told the good news that you save us”. 

Ps 40:9 GNB 
About a hundred and fifty years ago there were no telephones, no cell (mobile) phones, no radios, no television, no computers and no internet, let alone “facebook” and “twitter”. Most communication on a personal level was done either by word of mouth or by the written word. Yet people did learn what went on. One of the distinguishing features of the human species is its ability – indeed its compulsion – to communicate, to talk by means of language and graphic images. 
The person who wrote Psalm 40 was a poet, and all poets are people who try to convey some impression or message. This one knew that his sense of joy and gratitude for what God had done for him should not be confined to himself. It had to get out. And the gathered community of the people of God was where he told his story. “The missionary task of pastoral responsibility to God for one’s neighbour and that inward constraint of having to bear witness to what God has done cannot be separated from the experience of God which is granted to the individual. Thus the testimony to God’s gift of deliverance to the individual becomes the instrument of God’s providential rule, God doing his work through human beings who place themselves at his service and spread his revelation abroad” (A. Weiser, The Psalms, p338/9). 
The Christian community is a people that gather around a message – the message of what Christ has done and of the mighty acts of God in and through Jesus and his people. Cherish that message. Pass it on in whatever forms are available. Never let it die! 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, thank you for the greatest message of all time.