“(I)…will not let my tongue make me sin”. 

Ps 39:1 GNB 
Thomas Fuller said, “Birds are entangled by their feet and men by their tongues”. We have all had the experience of regretting something we have said. We have wanted to take those words back again, but once they have been said, nothing can erase them and we have to live with the consequences. With our tongues we teach, entertain, flatter, disparage, lie, swear, inform and excuse ourselves. Sometimes too we condemn ourselves. 
Thinking of the mess he was in, the writer of Psalm 39 knew that he had sinned with his tongue on occasion. Probably he had complained to God about his suffering, about what people had done to him, about how evil his enemies were, about how unfairly he had been treated. Most people at some stage feel that they have had a raw deal. And some let their tempers get the better of them and “sound off”. In any case the psalmist knew he had been in the wrong with some of his utterances and deeply regretted them. He now resolved that he would be much more careful in future about what he said, about whom he spoke and about the trouble he might cause with the wrong words. 
Christian disciples need to heed the example of the psalmist. The greatest word ever spoken was uttered by God when he sent Christ as his Word to humankind. And all that Christ spoke was the truth and gospel of God. He taught us to love and gave us the example by what he said and what he did. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in all that you say and to enable you to express love. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to say the right things.