“Happy are those who trust the Lord, who do not turn to idols or join those who worship false gods”. 

Ps 40:4 GNB 
It has often been observed that when people forsake the historic God revealed in the Bible and in Jesus Christ, then they create other gods for themselves – false ones. It is common today. People worship money, making it the be-all and end-all of their interests. The prevalence of pornography is an indication of the addiction some have for sexual entertainment. The pursuit and worship of “fun” is also widespread – it is known as hedonism. And sport has become an all-consuming passion for many people – amounting to a false god in many cases. Other candidates for this list are hobbies of all kinds, physical fitness, violence and ideologies of various types. 
In Old Testament times people who failed to connect with the true God often turned to idols. Those in Canaan (the previous name for Israel) were gods of a sexual nature and the “worship” that ensued was often the visiting of sacred prostitutes. It can be easily understood therefore how attractive the “false gods” were, and why so many Israelites engaged in this kind of worship. The worship of Israel’s God, however, led to purity, the upholding of the moral laws, and better family and national life. 
Christians need to be vigilant before deciding that what appears to be “harmless” activity is in fact not a substitute for the worship of God Almighty and Jesus Christ. Many have allowed false gods, or one of them, to displace the true God in their order of priorities and their allocation of time. 
Make sure – examine yourself repeatedly – that you keep Jesus first and foremost in all you do and engage in. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me always to worship only Jesus.