“Save me from all my transgressions; do not make me the scorn of fools”. 

Ps 39:8 NIV 
A politician was interviewed recently on television. He had an addiction that had become a public scandal. Explaining himself he said that he had been born with this addiction and he would die with it. For a long time he had denied having the addiction, thinking that he could cure it by himself when he put his mind to it. Now he had admitted his inability to stop himself, had sought help, and was “on the mend”. 
By the time the author of Psalm 39 wrote this poem he knew that his biggest problem was his sin. He had faced himself and admitted his powerlessness to save himself by his own unaided efforts. Part of the problem, too, was other people. Observing his prolonged illness, people told him that he must have sinned for God to be punishing him so severely. Thus he had become the object of amusement and derision in the community. This hurt him, and together with his physical suffering and the sense of guilt for his sin, it meant he was in a very bad position. But he did the best thing he could have done. He admitted his powerlessness and sought God’s salvation. Therein lay his hope. 
It is the same for Christian believers. Sin is a bigger problem than most would care to admit. Turn to Jesus Christ and admit your powerlessness to save yourself. Ask him to forgive you anew and to put your past behind both him and yourself. Seek his renewing and saving power every day, whether you are conscious of gross sin or not. And go forward, growing in grace and the knowledge and love of God. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, replace my powerlessness with your grace and salvation.