“I am crushed by their insults”. 

Ps 42:10 GNB 
Many people, at some time or other on their journey, feel that they are being crushed. For one person it will be the sheer workload he (or she) has to carry. Having one’s own work to do and then, in an emergency, having to carry someone else’s who is ill, can lead to strain and the sense that one is “cracking up”. Illness, especially if it involves more than one problem, can drain you mentally as well as physically. Conflict is a nasty one that can gnaw away at your soul and throw you off-balance for a long time. Family disintegration can similarly weigh on you, and when it is prolonged, can wear you down. The loss of employment can break you emotionally let alone financially. The list of possibilities is endless. 
The person who wrote Psalm 42, in addition to his illness, loneliness and homesickness, was being taunted by people he called “enemies”. It must have been devastating for him, unstable emotionally as he was, and with the closeness to God he craved only happening fitfully, to face this sort of abuse. Physical problems are one thing, but to be on the receiving end of verbal cat-calling and slander is quite another. With it all getting on top of him, the poet sensed he was being crushed. 
If you feel the same, draw on the reserves of faith you have built in good and easier times. Remember who Christ is and that he has promised to be with you “always, even to the end of the world”. Seek the support of Christian friends who will understand and who will stand quietly with you till the heat cools. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, strengthen me to face whatever storms may come.