“God looks after us all, makes us robust with life”. 

Ps 41:2 EHP 
Life is precarious. We sometimes hear of infections spreading in hospitals and many babies dying as a result – but women go to hospitals to give birth to their babies because, among other things, it is “safer”. A hue and cry erupts when a dread disease breaks out – we all thought those scares were a thing of the past. And some parts of the world are plagued by terrorist attacks. Child trafficking is causing governments to clamp down on passport and visa requirements. Then the dangers on the roads and the presence of criminals add to the problems. All these everyday threats bring home to us just how precarious life is in the twenty-first century. 
And we sometimes think how simple and safe life must have been in the beautiful days of the Bible – with “green pastures”, “still waters” and all that! But there was no scientific medicine as we know it. And wild animals posed threats. And wars erupted every few years as successive empires rose and conquered the weak nations around them. Life expectancy in Bible days was 28! There is little wonder that people of faith, such as the poet who wrote Psalm 41, looked to God to protect them and to preserve their lives. 
We need to look to God more than ever today, given the multiple hazards that life on earth throws at us. We cannot rely on governments alone even though their first responsibility is to protect the lives of their citizens. Rather than to retreat into a shell of fear and neurotic defensiveness, Christian disciples will pray and adopt a confident attitude full of hope for the world and themselves – under God. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, throw your protecting wings over us all the time.