“I say to God my Rock, ‘Why have you forgotten me?” 

Ps 42:9 NIV 
We live in an uncertain world. Politically there are conflicts in a number of countries. Economically things are not rosy. When things go well, there is often a bubble of prosperity before it bursts and plunges the world into recession. The growing problem of ecology with the possibility of climate change is causing worry and confusion among world leaders. The population explosion with another billion people being recorded every few years poses all manner of new problems for the whole world. And the factor of illegal immigration on a massive scale complicates human social issues in many countries – mainly those that have been regarded as “rich”. And with terrorism inspired by religious interests we face a disturbing mix of threats that no one can ignore. 
The writer of Psalm 42 must have wondered if his head was spinning when he wrote this poem. He swings backwards and forwards in his affirmation of God and his despair at God’s strange ways. Uncertain, troubled, and challenged, he was still able to find a word that made sense in the helter-skelter mental merry-go-round that went on inside his head and heart. There amongst the mountains and the water-courses of northern Israel there were rocks. Plenty of them. They didn’t bend or break in the torrent of water that flowed amongst them. They were “rock-solid”. The rock – solid, stable, unmoveable – that was the picture of God he wanted and there it was all round him. 
Look at God the Rock in your topsy-turvy world as well. He is not swept away or overwhelmed by the mass of problems the human world faces. And Jesus is “The Rock of Ages”. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, in all the turbulence around me I look to you as my Rock.