“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me”. 

Ps 42:7 NIV 
Many people pass through “deep waters”. It is a phrase that includes a whole range of troubles. Strains in family relationships figure large. Financial stress, especially debt, can wear a person down. Conflicts in the work place are common troubles. Health issues are very worrying. Overwork and lack of relaxation leading to burnout can break a person. Bereavement can cloud everything. 
The man in Psalm 42 was going through “deep waters”. There in the upper reaches of the River Jordan, streams tumbled down in waterfalls and cascades. He saw the parallel with his own spiritual and emotional state. The things happening around him in nature were just like the things going on inside him. When the troubles come pounding at one’s inner door, one on top of the other, it seems like wave upon wave pushing and throwing you about like you are a piece of flotsam in the ocean. There is a depth of feeling in the man’s description of it: “All your waves and breakers have swept over me”. Sometimes, just sometimes, such life experiences can be cleansing and renewing at the same time, and a person can come through the ordeal deepened, matured and more sympathetic to others than before. 
If you are going through “the deep waters”, take heart that one of the writers of the Bible had a similar experience thousands of years ago. And know that God’s waves and breakers will go over you and you will one day emerge, maybe a different person. Christ stilled the storm in the boat, and one day he will still the storm in your life too. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, be with me in the deep waters, all the way through.