“I am weak and poor, O Lord, but you have not forgotten me. You are my saviour and my God – hurry to my aid!” 

Ps 40:17 GNB 
In today’s world it is important to be assertive, dominant, strong and bold. In order to get ahead people have to “sell themselves” and some go to great lengths to impress. There are even professional people who will help you to portray the kind of image you need to convey in order to draw attention. 
The writer of Psalm 40 was not one of these. His experience of adversity had left him a humble man but one who had drawn closer to God. But also the prevailing culture of his day told him that he was a very sinful man – hence the harsh punishment from God in the form of adversity. This meant he had to come, not boldly and confidently, but in meekness and penitence, before God. He had seen God. In the light of God he had to see himself also. Like Charles Wesley he said, “False and full of sin I am, thou art full of truth and grace”. 
This is the right approach before God. You cannot come before him “selling yourself”. Before his holiness and righteousness you are sinful and wrong and you must see yourself as such. When he forgives and accepts you as his son or daughter, then you are given a positive self-image. He gives you the calm quiet assurance that you are his and that he wants you to go forth renewed, strengthened, confident and called to whatever service or ministry he assigns you. From then on you are Christ’s woman or Christ’s man – that is the only image you need. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, you have made me what I am. Help me to go in your name.