“The Lord will help them when they are sick and will restore them to health”. 

Ps 41:3 GNB 
Medical science has made enormous strides in recent years. In the living memory of many readers of “Faith for Daily Living” pneumonia was a dreaded disease that cut down people in the prime of life. Now it is just one cause, infrequently reported. And one of the latest frontiers to be explored is the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, experiments currently being conducted to lessen its threat. But illness of any kind is a much-feared problem that stalks human existence in a wide variety of forms and contexts. 
Whatever medicine there was in the days of the Bible was very primitive. And no doubt many illnesses reached epidemic proportions through sheer lack of hygiene and pure water. The medical profession of the day not being too adept at dealing with illness, we find the psalm-writer in Psalm 41 extolling the Lord for his blessing of health and strength of life. In fact most of the medical procedures were in the hands of the priests, and some of the laws which are understood as guidance given from God are really rules for healthy living discovered in the trial-and-error processes of everyday life. 
Modern day Christians should be profoundly grateful for the advances of medical science. In some instances what yesterday were miracles are today’s normal procedures. Prayers for further progress should be made regularly in all Christian communities and congregations. But it is also right that we should continue to ask God for miracles and for his help in effecting cures. Christian disciples will make full use of the facilities offered by the medical world and will also commit themselves to Christ for his healing when they are sick. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, thank you that you still heal today.