“Save me, Lord! Help me now!” 

Ps 40:13 GNB 
A very learned Scottish New Testament scholar by the name of Alexander Findlay was visiting London. He was well known for his very unattractive face. He stood at a bus stop waiting for a bus. On the opposite side of the road two Salvation Army lasses were doing what used to be called “personal work”. After a brief discussion one of them went over to speak to the great scholar. The other one watched. After a few minutes the first girl went back to her friend and said, “He sighs his sived. But, cor blimey, who’a fice fir a choil’ o’ Gawd!” Human beings have many conditions from which they need to be saved, and some that they wish they could be saved from. No doubt Dr Findlay would have liked to be saved from his awful looks! But it is unlikely he ever was. Some would like to be rescued from poverty. Others from unemployment. Some today would opt to be saved from political oppression. Others from loneliness, depression, hunger, abuse or addiction. 
The writer of Psalm 40 wanted to be saved from his illness, which included partial or total blindness. There being no surgery for his complaint, he pleaded with God to intervene and save him. Whatever his sins had been he knew that God was his main, or only hope. 
Look to the Lord for whatever help or salvation you need as well. It may be forgiveness for your sins – or for a broken relationship. It may be for financial aid, health improvement, or restoration to your church family. It may be for reconciliation after a conflict. Don’t just leave it. Bring it to Christ and try to move forward. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, I look to you for everything.