“I have more troubles than I can count”. 

Ps 40:12 CEV 
Many people, perhaps most, have found themselves humming the words of the old Afro-American spiritual, “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen. Nobody knows but Jesus”. The author of that song was echoing the words in the book of Job, “Man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7 NIV). Health problems, relationship problems, debt, employment difficulties and the ravages of war have all plagued human beings as long as anyone can remember. 
The man who wrote Psalm 40 began his poem on a high note – thanksgiving to God for delivering him from some grievous mess. But his progress through life could not be sustained on that level indefinitely. Like most people, the man soon encountered more problems that shattered the sense of pleasantness and joy which prevailed at first. What actually happened we do not know. What we do know is that his journey from the heights of thanksgiving to the depths of trouble is quite normal. That is how life is. And life like that is normal. 
Even Jesus Christ our Lord had plenty of trouble to cope with – opposition, enemies, disbelief, frailty among his nearest followers and eventually suffering and death. His disciples have never had it easy. The first ones were faced with death just for associating with him. So expect that your journey through life will be accompanied by difficulty, stress, disappointment, illness and sorrow. But the “man of sorrows” will also be with you in it all and through it all. He has felt it all – and he will feel your anxieties as well. Travel with him. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me to cope with all the troubles I have to face.