“Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say”. 

Ex 4:12 NIV

Looking at everything from a human and earthly perspective we often fail to see the world and human events as they really are. We don’t see our own prejudices. Nor are we aware of our own faults and failings. What is more we are blind to God and what he’s doing. 
God’s second response to Moses when he claimed to be poor in speaking ability was not to contradict him but to say, “Well, I have a plan”. For Moses, his inability was the end of the matter. But not for God. He was still Sovereign God and uttered his instruction; “Now go”. When he calls, he is great enough for the task he assigns to his servants. Despite Moses’ faults and failings, God knows what he’s doing with him. He doesn’t want Moses using his own words and his own wisdom. He was only to be the instrument God used and so it would be God’s message, not Moses’ that came to the people. Moses was not to be self-conscious about his lack of speaking ability. He was to be conscious of God’s ability, his power and glory – and of the message that God wanted him to convey. The challenge facing Moses was to “not get in the way” but to let God address his people. And God gave the promise, “I will help you and teach you”. God knew why he had chosen Moses – and God would see it through. 
Trust God to equip you when he calls you to some special task or ministry. You do it in Christ’s strength and in his way. Do it also to his glory. 

Lord, always equip me for whatever work you call me to.