“They believed. And when they heard that the Lord was concerned about them and had seen their misery, they bowed down and worshipped”. 

Ex 4:31 NIV 

Sometimes we receive good news with excitement. Sometimes it brings relief and we say, “Well, so much has gone wrong, it’s about time something came right”. Then there are occasions when good news releases us to move forward – as when we get a higher qualification. 
After sharing the news with the Israelite people that God was now calling them to go back to Canaan, Moses and Aaron had the gratifying response that the people they were to lead believed what they had been told. This was more than just accepting the good news as welcome information. Their response meant that they believed and trusted God. The good news brought faith. The gospel they heard was not only information about the pending move. It assured them that God cared for them, that he had seen their misery, knew how they felt and was doing something about their plight. They not only said, “Hooray”. They bowed down and worshipped. The gospel of God is always good news about what God is doing and saying. And the response of faith is to worship and to praise God, to glorify him and to rejoice in what he is doing. Especially when what he is doing is saving his people. 
Christian disciples accept as part and parcel of their discipleship to Christ that worshipping with the believing community is both a privilege and a duty. It begins though, with God. The worship activity of the church is a response to the telling of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his redeeming love. Look forward to it. And give it everything you’ve got. 

Lord, help me always to respond to the good news in Christ.