“God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM’”. 
Ex 3:14 NIV 

When we have to produce documentary evidence of our identity in the form of an identity document or a passport we do so matter-of-factly, almost wishing we didn’t have to bother with “all this irritating bureaucratic nuisance”. But today there are problems as identities get stolen and used for criminal purposes – and we only find out too late when there’s another us somewhere. 
It is a complete mystery as to why Moses needed to know the name of God, or why the Israelites didn’t know it. The fact is that Moses asked what his answer should be to the Israelites when they wanted to know and God graciously gave his name. By doing so he drew near and revealed something of himself to Moses as an individual and to his people. By disclosing his name God drew nearer to them, and they to him. This event cemented their covenant relationship which made them his and he theirs. This excluded the Egyptians and any other people. There was, at this stage, no universal element in their faith of any kind. The words probably mean, “I am the ongoing God, the same God who guided and blessed your ancestors of old”. But it can also mean, “I will be who I will be”. This possibility means that there is a future element to God’s nature as well. So it could imply, “I was, I am and I will be – the eternal God”. For Moses it was much more than an intellectual exercise. Getting to know God always is. 
Coming face to face with Christ is also a person-to-person encounter. Make sure your knowledge of him grows all the time. 

Thank you for making yourself real to me.