“He will speak to the people for you, and it will be as if he were your mouth and as if you were God to him”. 

Ex 4:16 NIV 

We live in a world where an over-supply of words almost deafens us. Advertisers tell us their product is the best. Slanted news broadcasts and political speeches try to persuade us that their understanding is the right way to think about things. Then there are books, teachings, philosophies, sermons, and masses of information about every subject under the sun. 
Here God informs Moses that Aaron will speak to the people as Moses’ mouthpiece, but Moses will talk to Aaron and will be as God to him. But would what the people heard from Aaron be the word of God – or would it get distorted in either the mouth of Moses or of Aaron? 
When does the message from God, passed on by sinful human beings become, not the word of God, but the words of those messengers themselves? What if the messengers deliberately abuse their position as mouthpieces and substitute their thoughts, their words, and their own messages? God, in his amazing grace entrusts his word into the care and custody of human beings. Some pass it on faithfully – making a craft out of doing so. Others get in the way of God’s activity and tell their own opinions, theories and instructions. 
It is a never-ending problem and sometimes it leads the unwary astray. In the Exodus journey Aaron made the golden calf the people worshipped – putting himself in the place of God. And there are plenty of similar actions today. Christian disciples will listen carefully and do everything they can to discern the true word from God. 

Lord, help me to have ears only for your words.