“Moses answered, ‘No, Lord, please send someone else’”. 

Ex 4:13 GNB 

Many people have ambitions to do some big thing and to get the recognition for it. They want “to make a name for themselves”. An advocate gets the brief to defend a client in a high profile legal case. He knows it could bring him instant fame – and higher fees! A movie star yearns to get the lead role in what looks like being an Oscar-winning film. But not all have that kind of ambition. They shrink from the limelight, possibly the danger, and for fear of making fools of themselves. 
Insistent as God was in his call of Moses, the shepherd from the desert was equally adamant that he was not up to the job God had in mind for him. It is easy for Christians in comfortable positions in the twenty-first century to call Moses disobedient. It was a big ask to obey God and set out to lead a wandering tribe of slaves out of captivity. The task could have led to all-out war and the Israelites were not equipped for that. So Moses asked God to send someone else. 
When we are asked to do something that is difficult and dangerous we tend to say, “I need that like I need a hole in the head”. But sometimes God asks us to surpass ourselves and rise to the occasion. Sometimes too, the less ambitious the one being called the less likely he or she will be to usurp God and draw the glory to himself or herself. Think carefully before asking the Lord to send someone else. Think more of Christ’s resources than of your poverty, weaknesses, failings or past mistakes. And trust the outcome to him! 

Lord, give me the courage to face the challenges you give me.