“Then the Lord … said ‘What about your brother, Aaron the Levite? I know he can speak well’”. 

Ex 4:14 NIV 

In the early years of his big evangelistic crusades Billy Graham was accompanied by George Beverly Shea. Shea had a wonderful deep singing voice and his music ministry proved to be a powerful part of the great evangelist’s impact. They were a great team for God. Husband-and-wife teams have frequently worked as teams for Jesus, often complementing one another with great skill and devotion. 
The stubbornness or weakness of one individual does not stop God. His resources are limitless, although Moses was not concentrating on this factor. But his brother Aaron was an accomplished speaker and God had kept him as a trump card “up his sleeve” so to speak. Now God turned to Aaron to counter Moses’ unwillingness to do the work to which God was calling him. Aaron could do the talking, and Moses could do the planning and leading and tell Aaron what God wanted to say to the Egyptians as well as to the Israelites. Someone has suggested that it made Moses look even more important to the Egyptians that he had a spokesperson to speak for him. 
In teamwork it is essential that the various parties recognize each others’ strengths and weaknesses. This is especially so where groups of people are serving Jesus Christ. Paul taught that the body of Christ has many parts and they should complement each other by all seeking to build up the whole body. He sees teamwork, not as the second best as it is portrayed in Exodus, but as part of God’s best way of working. How well do you work in a team? 

Lord, help me to be a good team person.