“I am who I am”. 

Ex 3:14 NIV 

There are some things in this world which pose baffling problems to everyone. Those that have solutions that can be found (like a murder enquiry) we refer to as puzzles. Those that might have a solution but no one has yet found it (like travelling to Saturn) we call problems. But there are other realities which defy ever being completely solved. When you study them and find a part of the answer you also discover that there is still more to unravel. They are a bit like climbing a mountain. You see a peak before you and expend much effort getting to the top – only to discover there is an even higher peak you couldn’t see before. We call these realities mysteries – the more you discover about them the more you discover there is still to be discovered. 
God is like that. When he says, “I am who I am” he reveals something of his nature, but only a small part. There is, tantalizingly, enough to get you going, but never so much that there is nothing more to find out. The task is never complete, and Moses, armed with something in his encounter at the burning bush, was baffled by the inexhaustible nature of the God who had started him out on an endless journey. 
In the New Testament Paul speaks about “the unsearchable riches in Christ” (Eph 3:8 NIV). We know and experience a sample of them, but our knowledge of them this side of the grave is only a tiny part of the vast reservoir still to be known and plumbed. Delight and rejoice in what you know of Christ – and constantly look for more. 

Lord, let me ever discover new treasures in Christ.