“The Lord said to (Moses), ‘Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” 

Ex 4:11 NIV 

We miss much in life because we are looking at, or for, the wrong things. We fail to hear the song of the birds because we are listening to the natter-chatter on the radio. We haven’t time to smell the roses because we are busy with trivial conversation on the telephone. 
We read the story of Moses and we wonder how such an unsuitable person could ever have led the Israelites out of slavery and across the desert to the promised destination in Canaan. That is because, whilst we focus our attention on the weaknesses and inadequacy of Moses, we fail to witness the might of God in his sovereignty and glory. But it is there shining through the pages of the human story. God’s first response to Moses’ reticence and almost cringing sense of his own limitations was to remind him of his (God’s) glory and power. It was he who had given mankind the greatest gift he knew – that of speech. He could give or withhold his gifts. Far above and beyond the weaknesses or strengths of his creatures the sovereign Lord God is the giver of gifts. And he can make weak people strong, and cause stammerers to speak. And God had to impress upon Moses his majesty – because only someone truly sensing the greatness of God could have the audacity and courage to take the king’s slaves away from him. 
Never allow yourself to get fixated with the petty failings and weaknesses of those around you. Concentrate on Christ and his glory. Then everything else will fall into place. 

PRAYER THOUGHT Lord, help me always to magnify you.