“I will be with you”. 
Ex 3:12 NIV 

“‘You have not made much out of all these years’, said one Devon man who had stayed ashore and grown sleek and prosperous and wealthy to another who had served in the fleet of Francis Drake. ‘No’, said the other, ‘I’ve not made much. I’ve been cold, hungry, shipwrecked, desperately frightened often; but I’ve been with the greatest Captain who ever sailed the seas!” (J.S. 
Stewart, A Faith to Proclaim p 151).
God made a promise to Moses out there in the desert at the 
burning bush. He would be with Moses. A guilty murderer would become a channel of God’s blessing to God’s people as they would make the great escape from the centuries-long life of hardship and bondage in Egypt. A fugitive would become a great leader. A man who fled from the law would become the human agent when God would disclose his laws for human society and so lay the foundation for civilization and social cohesion. And it all happened because God accompanied Moses. This made Moses a different man. An ordinary man became extraordinary in the hands of the God who not only accompanied him but guided him, strengthened him, shaped and fashioned him. 
The great men and women of God have all known this same divine presence – in hope and in joy, in toil and in success, in loss and defeat, in bereavement and in sickness, in despair and in death. Christ is the source of their courage, the inspiration of their vision, the strength of their toil, the supplier of their perseverance, and the reward for their sacrifice. Starting out with him, they stay with him, and he with them, from the beginning to the end. 

Lord, go with me all the way.