“I have promised to bring you up out of your misery in Egypt into the land of the Canaanites … a land flowing with milk and honey”. 

Ex 3:17 NIV 

We all like to look forward. Usually we look at the future with great expectations. Often they are quite unrealistic. We tend to ignore the fact that the future will be pretty much like the past – full of problems, possibilities and ups and downs. 
One of the striking things about the Bible is that the faith the writers had enabled them to look forward with confidence to what God was going to do. And he caused them to look forward in hope because he promised them a future under his rule and sovereignty. Here, speaking to Moses out in the desert, he promises to bring the Israelites “up” out of Egypt where they had known so much misery for so long. Whilst they were focused on the misery and suffering of the past, he was looking ahead to the miracle he was yet going to bring about. They were not aware that he was a God of pleasant surprises, nor that he kept his promises. He has been called “the God of the promise”. Always he was coming with some promise. Eventually it was the promise of a Messiah to bring deliverance. Here it was deliverance “out of” Egypt. But it was also “into” a more beneficial future. God is able to rectify the past and open the door to a more blessed future. 
Jesus Christ fulfils the promises of God. And he promises eternal life to those who follow and believe in him. That means life in all its fullness, all its joy, its hope and its endurance through trials and tribulations. 

Lord, help me to enter into the fulfilment of your promises.