“Every day he was teaching at the temple. But the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the leaders among the people were trying to kill him”. 

Lk 19:47 NIV 

Faith is about life. It is about the kind of life God wills and intends for people to enjoy. It is about how people can live at deeper levels, find greater meaning and enable other people to know more about quality of life as well. And since love enriches and colours life, faith is about the life of love as well. 
After arriving in Jerusalem, Jesus went to the temple. It was much more than a church building as we know it. A high wall surrounded a large enclosure at the centre of which was the sanctuary. Thousands of people could enter this outer enclosure. It was here that Jesus taught in the days before the crucifixion, whilst people arrived from far and near in anticipation of the Passover festival. Teaching them about God he was inviting them to life at a deeper level. The teachers and priests – whose business it was to teach and give life – were actually busy about something else – death. What is more ironic, they were plotting the death of the one who was dispensing teaching about life under God – Jesus. 
Many people get side-tracked in their pursuit of faith. Instead of a close walk with Jesus they get involved in “Church politics”. In place of the life of prayer they immerse themselves in academic study to the exclusion of discipleship. Some, in seeking to enlarge the influence of the church, engage in direct political activity – and soon forget the motivation that they started out with. Concentrate on the real things – the deep things and stick close to the cross. 

Lord, keep me from wandering astray.